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What is a Connect Subscription?

Peace of Mind.


Stay in your home with confidence, protect your home’s value and plan for the future with a Connect Subscription. 


As a Connect Subscriber you’ll receive;


  • An Initial Walk Through visit

  • 6 Annual Visits cover over 100 Maintenance and Inspection Tasks

  • Running To-do, Watch List and Wish List

  • A dedicated Home Manager, one call for all your needs

  • Up to 30 Minutes of Helping Hand time per visit

  • Exclusive Benefits...see below


When it's time for repairs or home improvement projects, we can help with that too, all services are run through your dedicated Home Manager.  One call is all it takes.


Even on larger projects like roof and HVAC replacement.  That means no more strangers, no more rolling the dice on internet reviews and dedicated follow through from one source.

Checking smoke detector
Walk through checklist
Changing air filter

In addition to an annual walk through and bi-monthly visits, Connect Subscribers enjoy a number of exclusive benefits:


Focus on What Matters

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