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About Connect Home Management

Connect Home Management provides home services for seniors in the Greater Overland Park area. Whether you need an on-demand handyman or long-term home maintenance, we're here to keep your home looking its best. We utilize the the skills of the retirees in our community to help seniors who can no longer tackle home projects on their own.

Home help from within your community.

Family Meal

Our Story

I watched my parents move all four of my grandparents  into their childhood homes. Luckily, my dad was retired and loves projects and helping around the house, and my mom, who was winding down in her career, loves a good design challenge and seasonal landscaping.

It made me wonder what people would do if they they weren't lucky enough to have family near by with the time and skill to help our around the house. Then came the idea for Connect Home Management.

Our goal is to give our customers back the time to spend with their family, rather than having to constantly worry about the little projects that accumulate around the house. 

We hope to see you soon!

The Connect Home Management Team

Meet the Team

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